Master Jeweler in New York City

A special day for all of us at Tanagro

A special day for Tanagro New York City Jewelery Atelier
February 7, 2015

Today is a special day for all of us at Tanagro. Today represents another step ahead in our company’s history. We are opening a new website – in some case, it can be easy and unnoticeable – with the aim to celebrate our founder and master jeweler, Pietro DiBenedetto.

Pietro is one of the few master jewelers in New York City. In his 30-year legacy and passion for this art form, Pietro DiBenedetto have been designing and fashioning jewelry for the most famous names in the industry, in addition to having created some of the world’s most breathtaking handmade jewels and the fabulous ‘Tanagro’s Collection Masterpieces’.

The new website also wants to recognize the incredible ability of our artisans that every day are working in our atelier. That’s why we opened this ‘behind the scene’ Tanagro atelier blog, in which I will post moments of our daily work to allow everybody to discover the hidden secrets of making high-end jewels. Thank you for joining us!

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